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Call Us Today!
(806) 795-9777
Call Us Today!
(806) 795-9777
Call Today (806) 795-9777
We are a full service outpatient psychiatric medical practice serving the greater Metropolitan Lubbock area. We provide psychiatric treatment along with professional psychotherapy, medication management, and ongoing outpatient care.
We offer the most advanced psychiatric medicine treatments and evidenced-base individual therapy and group psychotherapy in Atlanta. We are here to help you achieve your best psychiatric, mental health and addiction recovery possible.
We practice a "continuity of care" treatment approach that emphasizes collaboration between you, your psychiatrist and your therapist, as well as anyone you choose among your family members and your significant loved ones.
Our aim is to help you stabilize your life and to get you from crisis-living to healthy living.
Our Philosophy: 
  • To treat you as a "whole person" and not just a diagnosis.
  • To assist you in your overall mental health
  • To provide you with excellent medical treatment and medication management.
  • To provide psychiatric care that you can trust.
  • To provide you with professional outpatient care and support.

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Privacy Notice
This establishment is required by law to maintain the privacy of protected health information and will undergo any and all necessary measures to keep your information safe. Any information provided to us will remain confidential, and it will only be accessed by those who are given permission to access it via an authorization to use and disclose information, which must be signed by you. It is your right to have your health information protected.